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How to see Wikipedia during SOPA protest!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

We all hate SOPA. And we all love Wikipedia. We understand the protest and support it, but what if we need to see wikipedia pages during SOPA blackout?

To remove blackout, use a special CSS given below. I have just made it and it works fine for me. Apply it by using Chrome extension, i.e. Stylebot, or put it into separate file if you are using Opera.

Using Chrome

  • Install Stylebot extension
  • Navigate in Chrome: Tools -> Extensions -> Stylebot -> Options
  • In Stylebot options proceed to Styles -> Add a new style...
  • Enter in URL field and paste CSS below, then Add
#mw-sopaOverlay {
á ádisplay: none !important;

#content, #mw-head, #mw-panel {
á ádisplay: block !important;

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 January 2012 )

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