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1. Watch a Log file for changes

(PHP/Debugging) ... watch a log file for changes in a Linux command shell. tail -f log/development.log This command will let you watch a log file for changes as soon as they happen. ...
Monday, 20 June 2011

2. Function to format filesize

(PHP/Gotchas) This lightweight function will display file size in a user friendly format without much effort. I.e.: // will output i.e. 1KB (function always accepts bytes value) echo convert(1024); function
Monday, 27 December 2010

3. Getting MIME of remote file with Zend Framework

(PHP/RapidPHP) If you ever need to get content type of remote file from within PHP, this class will come in handy. Supposing you need to check external link if it is an mp3 file. You will be able to do this: $sn
Friday, 09 April 2010

4. PHP code check

(PHP/Gotchas) uploading files (single or zipped package), prettier output and detailed explanation of errors. This will target Zend coding standards, however other standards might be provided later. Happy testin...
Friday, 12 March 2010

5. Code autocomplete for array objects (foreach)

(PHP/Gotchas) ...ter).Imagine you have a Users model which extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract, and you assign that every row will be object of class User (which implements your application logic). Somewhere in code you ...
Saturday, 06 February 2010

6. Little PHPDoc and SVN Integration

(PHP/Gotchas) ... this: $Author: danila $ If you are running Eclipse with Subversive plugin for SVN integration, you will get a Team -> Set Keywords command available via right click on a file or folder. This w...
Thursday, 05 November 2009

7. Seven PHP performance rules you should be aware of

(PHP/Performance) hold md5 of user's login Now it's safe to clear the session files in temp dir, the auto login will still work, here is how: once user open browser again, the special cookie is s...
Wednesday, 21 October 2009

8. MySQL Performance Tips

(PHP/Performance) Running a MySQL server one should think of performance. In this article I will list several approaches to making your queries run faster, and overall MySQL server performance optimization to speed up
Thursday, 01 October 2009

9. Smartycode Project Hosting

(Services/Project Hosting) up on a stack of open source applications, configured for ultimate development experience. Your team will be provided with everything required to get started fast: development tools wiki, single si...
Saturday, 05 September 2009

10. Super slow website on IE6?

(PHP/Gotchas) ...writeRule ^(.*)/none$ none.php Now for every request to "/none" (that only IE 6 makes), it will get a quick empty 200 (OK) response with "Expires" header set long time in future. That is,...
Friday, 21 August 2009

11. Ultimate Website Performance Optimization

(Services/Website Hosting) ...ble aspect. For a short period of time, ranging from 4 to 7 days, our team of professional optimizers will bring your website to the top performance level. What this optimization package in...
Monday, 29 June 2009

12. Lighten the load for Zend Framework Application - Part I

(PHP/Performance) ...o mod_rewrite though). On CentOS lighttpd can be installed by "yum install lighttpd". Additionally you will have to "yum install lighttpd-fastcgi" for running PHP as FastCGI. You can use default con...
Wednesday, 13 May 2009

13. Serving XHTML in Zend Framework App

(PHP/Performance) ...nd validate against XHTML validators like our own XHTML validator. Otherwise, XHTML supporting browsers will only display errors instead of actual content! If you are sure that your frontend designer ...
Wednesday, 22 April 2009

14. Enable your Zend Framework App with Conditional GET! (Make it green)

(PHP/Performance) ...great in regards that you can easily extend it. We are going to create a front controller plugin, which will take care of handling conditional GET requests. Let's create our front controller plugi...
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

15. Database aware Select elements for Zend_Form (or Extending Zend_Form_Element_Multi)

(PHP/RapidPHP) In this article, you will know how you can extend select form element that comes with Zend Framework, to be easily filled with data from your database table. We want to be able to easily fill select
Monday, 09 February 2009

16. Debugging your ZF application with Firebug

(PHP/Debugging) broker. You can put the Logger.php somewhere else and change the suggested folder structure, but you will have to change the prefix path in call to addPath(). Here are the contents of the view h...
Sunday, 08 February 2009

17. CSS and Javascript Compression

(Improve/Website Optimization Techniques) ...yCode's professionals are using industry standard tools to minify Javascript and CSS files. Not only we will perform compression for you, but also set up special cron job on your Linux powered server ...
Sunday, 23 March 2008

18. GZIP Compression

(Improve/Website Optimization Techniques) ...E browser should be 'opt-out' from compression. By enabling compression on your server, not only you will make your website faster (the pages are smaller), but also you save bandwidth on your serve...
Sunday, 23 March 2008

19. Why SmartyCode?

(General/Frontpage) ...bsite grows with your needs and ambitions, new features are added and require continuous optimizing. We will employ the latest web technologies and utilize the most up-to-date standards to make your w...
Sunday, 13 January 2008

20. Website Optimization Techniques

(Category Blog) Get faster response speed for your website! Make it faster for your visitors. Your site's visitors will enjoy the benefits of faster browsing. Contact SmartyCode's representative now to get a free quo

21. RapidPHP

(Category Blog) ...and functions RapidPHP is a companion library for Zend Framework. It is under active development and will feature a number of unique components that ease development of your projects...

22. Enable your Zend Framework App with Conditional GET! (Make it green)

(Comments) You will not speed up your installation on a local server. This trick is for saving bandwidth.
Saturday, 25 April 2009

23. Serving XHTML in Zend Framework App

(Comments) If you run site through CMS forget about serving correct XHTML, there will always be something wrong or badly inserted tag if you use WYSIWYG in your app. With "application/xhtml+xml" browser will dis
Saturday, 25 April 2009

24. Serving XHTML in Zend Framework App

(Comments) ...URL) serving webpage in different language (depending on the user's browser/operation system locale, it will send appropriate http header to indicate its language preferrance)....
Friday, 24 April 2009

25. Super slow website on IE6?

(Comments) Thanks ! I'm totally ignore this aspect... Will try for sure...
Thursday, 02 December 2010

26. Super slow website on IE6?

(Comments) ...just hopelessly slow... I've been building websites heavy in pngs and had never made the connection! It will be interesting to see how it affects ecom conversion. Have a beer on me!...
Wednesday, 02 December 2009