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Why SmartyCode?

Creating a website need not be an expensive and complicated process. Catering to the needs of individuals and small businesses is difficult for large web design houses, because building a smaller-scale website rarely yields enough to cover their overheads. Unfortunately, many of the small-scale web design shops lack the kind of talent needed to build a fast website that both looks professional and is designed for faster reposnse times.

Here, at SmartyCode we know that noone likes sluggsih websites. SmartyCode has been created specifically to fulfill the need of website speed optimization. We prefer to work with you on a one-on-one basis. Our desire is to build a relationship, because a website grows with your needs and ambitions, new features are added and require continuous optimizing. We will employ the latest web technologies and utilize the most up-to-date standards to make your website faster, implementing solutions that are elegant, accessible, and secure.

We sell website hosting. Ultra-optimized for performance - because we know how to optimize servers. Checkout our hosting plans, and select one at comparison page. Let us know if you have problem ordering (using the Contact page of our website) - our billing system is brand new from Plesk.

SmartyCode is also a provider company at oDesk. We are using YSlow! software to analyze your website performance so all results are measurable. Use Contact link to get a free quote on your website and know how it performs in comparison to other sites.

We are the developers of RapidPHP open source development framework. It has not been released yet, but you can help us release it faster today.

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