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Markup, style, scripting, and server-side techniques

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Wednesday, 30 December 2009
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Inline-Block Cross-browser Support

CSS Tweaks
Monday, 23 November 2009
This is the CSS rule for giving elements inline-block styling.

Little PHPDoc and SVN Integration

Thursday, 05 November 2009

Ever looked through the Zend Framework code and saw header comments like this?

  * @version   $Id: Exception.php 16200 2009-06-21 18:50:06Z thomas $

Here is a quick tip on how this can be useful and how to have this type of integration in your projects.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 05 November 2009 )

Seven PHP performance rules you should be aware of

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Here is a quick list of practices for faster PHP code.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 05 November 2009 )

MySQL Performance Tips

Thursday, 01 October 2009

Running a MySQL server one should think of performance. In this article I will list several approaches to making your queries run faster, and overall MySQL server performance optimization to speed up your webpages, whether it is a Zend Framework application or any different in PHP.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 03 October 2010 )
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